Above The 12th Fret


Front view of a cutaway guitar body

If you are a player who spends a lot of time in the upper positions on the classical guitar, you may find the ergonomics leave something to be desired.

There are two common modifications which can improve playability in the upper positions. One approach is to raise the fretboard above the body of the instrument. Some players find this to be an adequate solution to the problem.

Another solution, traditionally used in the jazz world is the cutaway guitar. While cutaway jazz guitars are quite common, there is a stigma about the body shape of the classical guitar which keeps some players from adopting this effective solution. If one looks past the stigma, my cutaway shape retains and enhances the flowing lines of the standard instrument.

Honoring the classical guitar's aesthetic appeal, my cutaway features a continuous bend around the side as opposed to a sharp joint as is often used.

Contact me for further information. You may click on the thumbnails below for full sized images of this fine instrument.



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