Build Options

Many different options are available to customize a guitar to fit your needs. Several of these are listed below; other options may also be available on request. Please contact me to discuss options that may be appropriate for your specific needs.

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Raised Fingerboard

Photograph of classical guitar with raised fingerboard

This option can enhance playability in the upper positions and is an alternative to the cutaway guitar.


Photograph of cutaway

Enhancing playability in the upper postitions, this option adds beautiful, fluid lines to the guitar body's shape.


Photograph of cutaway

Flamenco guitars have a smaller body than the standard classical guitar, and a different sound. Click on the Featured Instrument link on the left for more information on my Flamenco guitars.


Photograph of cutaway

Some find that adding a pickup degrades the tonal quality of the un-amplified guitar. For those players requiring amplified sound, I offer a different pickup which has excellent amplified qualities and does not degrade the un-amplified sound.

Scale Length

Photograph of cutaway

The usual scale length for my classical guitars is 650mm. Players with smaller or larger than average hands may find other scale lengths more comfortable.

Different scale lengths are an option which can make your guitar easier to play. I am now regularly making guitars with shorter scales -- no only 640mm, but 635 and 630mm as well. Contact me for more information.


Photograph of crossover neck compared to standard neck

Compared to a steel string guitar, classical guitars feature a wider neck with strings farther apart. This difference may result in an awkward feel for steel string players "crossing over" to play a classical guitar. Prenkert guitars are now available with a narrower neck and more closely spaced strings which some steel string players will find more natural. The actual width and string spacing can be tailored to your needs.

Tuning Gears

Photograph of Alessi and Gilbert tuning gears

I only install the finest quality tuning gears on my guitars. The standard classical guitar is equipped with Alessi brand tuning gears, pictured on the right. Those prefering a different aesthetic may prefer Gilbert brand gears, pictured on the left.

Click on the photograph for a larger image.

Action Height

Guitars are normally produced with an action height suitable for most players. Preferences for a lower or higher action can easily be accomodated on request.


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